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  • PRISM Lab option available with PSD files, texture baker and substance painter files (SPP file for body and eyes texture​)

  • QUEST version for cross-platform compatibility.

  •  100+ Customization shapes for face and body.

  •  No-clothes avatar base and NSFW.

  •  FBX model with textures and alternative skins

  •  SDK3 functions with Radial menu and HUD

  •  Toggable clothes

Grupo 37.png

watch 3d model

PRISM avatar.png

The pack includes:

  •  VRC-ready avatar unity pack with visemes, eye animation, HUD, hand gestures, physbones and toggable clothing (shirt, shorts, fundoshi and bandana)

  • FBX file of the rigged model with more than 150 blendshapes including expressions and visemes. Each version of the model is under 70k polys.

  • Texture pack for alternate skins

Requirements for uploading to VRChat:

This avatar has a PRISM version available, which also includes Layered PSD texture files for even more customization.


Examples of customization:

Two normal maps options for the body

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