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Which platforms are the avatars compatible with?

All the models include an unity package to be imported into Unity and be uploaded to VRChat. They also include model (fbx) and texture files so it can be uploaded to other platforms such as NEOS VR.

What do I need to upload my avatar to VRChat?

You will need a VRChat account that has a rank above "visitor", the game engine Unity with the version currently specified HERE, as well as the most recent VRChat SDK2 that can be downloaded HERE.

Are the models rigged?

Yes, they come rigged and with shapekeys (blendshapes) for expressions and visemes.

Are the models compatible with Facerig?

No. Facerig requires a facial rigging and doesn't work with facial shapekeys (blendshapes).

Are these models good for 3D printing?

No. Unless the sculpt is fairly small, the model won't be able to show many of its details since most of them are shown thorugh normal mapping. The more recent models might get a better sculpt since they're around 60K polygons, but it still depends on the purpose of the model.

Are the models compatible with Second Life?

The models are not made for Second Life. They could probably be ported there (as long as they are not distributable or for public use), but they are most likely not ready to work in Second Life out of the box.

I want a custom model. Do you take commissions?

I do not take commissions, be it a model from scratch, custom outfit, or custom skin. There is however a way to easily customize my avatars through the PRISM versions. You can also commission an artist to mod the avatars you purchase here.

How do I upload an avatar?

Once you purchase the model, this tutorial could come in handy: (Dynamic Bones is now necessary for the model to work due to a VRChat update)

I want to customize my model, which version should I get?

Any version should work for you! The standard one comes with a set of textures that you can modify, but PRISM comes with PSD files as well. In terms of license, the pro license is only suggested if you're going to charge for the content you produce with your avatar such as streamings or renders

Can I commission someone to modify my avatar?

Yes you can! The model is now yours and you can customize it in any way you want. If you want to commission someone to make a custom skin or outfit, you can send them the model's files as long as they only use them for your commission and not as their own personal model.

I want a version upgrade. How can I do that?

If you have previously purchased a standard version for instance, and want to upgrade it to PRISM, you can purchase the PRISM one and we'll be happy to refund the price of the previous version you had. Please contact us through our contact page with the mail you used to purchase both products so you can be issued a refund.

Please note that we might be limited by Gumroad's refund policy, but in most cases it shouldn't be a problem

I'm having errors uploading an avatar. Can you help me?

You are more than welcome to use our contact page for tech support! We can help with some of the most common issues people have when uploading a VRChat avatar. Please note that we are not part of the VRChat team and can only help with the avatars we provide, so we might be limited by problems caused by the equipment you're using VRChat in, or by VRChat's limitations.

I have a different question, How can I contact you?

You can use our contact page.